Guitar Wood Hanger
Guitar Wood Hanger
Guitar Wood Hanger
Guitar Wood Hanger
Guitar Wood Hanger

Guitar Wood Hanger

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"These are sturdy, tidy, and easy to install. They look great and also fits my ukulele and violin: - Luke, USA

Guitar lovers, showcase your guitars!

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Handcrafted to elevate your guitar with the stunning beauty of artisan craftsmanship, our Guitar Wood Hanger showcases guitar as well as many other string instruments while rocking out a strong cradle and stable mounting design to coddle your beloved guitar when sleeping off a late-night gig.


  • UNLIKE THE “TYPICAL” GUITAR HANGERS that potentially puts even the finest guitars like Yamaha, Jackson, Fender and Ibanez in “life threatening” danger, the Guitar Wood Hanger are made from WOOD and is very sturdy!
  • GUITARS ARE MORE THAN JUST INSTRUMENTS – While safer when transported inside a case along with your picks, strap, strings, tuner, and capo, guitars are also practically “meant” to be displayed for your enjoyment even when you are not rocking it, the Guitar Wood Hanger will turn your guitar into a piece of “Wall Art” while keeping it safe and sound
  • YOKE PIVOTS TO ACCOMMODATE VARIOUS HEADSTOCKS – Great for guitars which have a headstock with single or uneven heels. Personalized protective padding gently and securely supports the instruments.
  • Suitable for a variety of string instruments such as guitars, bass, violins, mandolins, ukeleles, and a lot more.
  • Specially formulated padding is safe for your instrument's finish.
  • Easy to assemble and install in no time.

Guitar Wood Hanger

"Holds up heavy guitars with no issue. Great for small Ukulele as well as my electric guitar which is quite heavy. Very stylish and space-saving." - Mark, 26, USA


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Wood
  • Size: 23*12*5cm

Guitar Wood Hanger


  • 1 pc x Wood Guitar Wood Hanger