Rosewood Bridge Pins (6 Pieces Set)
Rosewood Bridge Pins (6 Pieces Set)
Rosewood Bridge Pins (6 Pieces Set)
Rosewood Bridge Pins (6 Pieces Set)
Rosewood Bridge Pins (6 Pieces Set)

Rosewood Bridge Pins (6 Pieces Set)

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"Used the pins to keep the strings tight. The sound is better now and they look than the original pins." - Mark, USA

Level up the appearance and tone of your acoustic guitar!


You might not ever think of the bridge pins on your acoustic guitar, but those tiny little pegs that are poking through the bridge play a part in your tone and playability.

Bridge pins not only make sure your strings are lined up horizontally, but they also carry the vibration of the strings into the guitar’s body.

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Bridge pins can significantly affect the sound of your acoustic guitar. Most acoustic guitars come with standard pins that perform well enough, but upgrading the pins is a must for all of us who want a better tone.

Rosewood Bridge Pins

The rosewood bridge is dense and sturdy. It delivers excellent vibration. These bridge pins are designed to provide optimal sound clarity and intonation. You cannot go wrong with these pins because they are less susceptible to wear and tear than some other bridges.


  • It can add clarity, tone, sustain, and volume to your acoustic guitar.
  • Upgrade the appearance of your guitar with our finely crafted Rosewood bridge pins. 
  • Portable and easy use, fit to any brand acoustic guitar.
  • Nice guitar pins to replace your old or damaged ones.
  • These bridge pins can replace your lost or broken ones, which are a great accessory for your acoustic guitar.
  • Smooth grinding, no further grinding processing, sleek and pretty
  • Can transfer the original sound of guitar perfectly
  • Great replacement for your guitar

Rosewood Bridge Pins

"Pins fit just right on my guitar and they look great with it. I can tell the difference in sound. And I'm sure rosewood is better than plastic." - Luis, 29, User


  • Material: Ebony, Rosewood
  • Length: Approx. 31.5mm
  • Pins largest part diameter: Approx.5.3mm


  • 6 pcs x Rosewood Bridge Pins

Rosewood Bridge Pins


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