Guitar Capo Set
Guitar Capo Set
Guitar Capo Set
Guitar Capo Set
Guitar Capo Set

Guitar Capo Set

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This Capo And Picks Will Keep Your Baby In Tune!

This Capo will let you play a song in different keys while still using first-position open-string chord forms. The Capo allows you to play more songs with fewer chords.

A Capo enables you to instantly change the key of a song and gives the guitar a new key. 

  • Really Smooth Fast-Changing Versatile
  • Made even for these rough long gigs.

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The guitar pick may seem like a petty accessory to some, but if you’re a guitarist, you know that finding the right pick is almost as important as finding the right guitar. Picks can affect players more than you might think, especially new guitarists. 

But really, Guitar picks have many advantages – in general, they help you:

  • Play faster
  • Play louder, or at least increase your maximum volume – this has obvious advantages for acoustic players, but also gives you a greater dynamic range, even when playing electric.
  • Sharpen your tone, making it brighter and pointier, and access the taught, brittle timbres which you get playing closer to the bridge
  • Add “oompf” and pazzaz, because you can more effectively put the weight of your whole arm into strumming and picking 

  • Suitable for 4-6 string guitar / bass / ukulele
  • High strength, weight, light, long service life
  • Also, it is a pin puller for acoustic guitar

  • 6 thicknesses (1 * 0.46mm, 1 * 0.71mm, 1 * 0.81mm, 1 * 0.96mm, 1 * 1.2mm, 1 * 1.5mm) 6 pieces total
  • Material: Multicolored celluloid decorative aluminum profile


  • 1x Guitar Capo
  • 6x Guitar Picks


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