FurBaby™ Dog Flirt Pole
FurBaby™ Dog Flirt Pole
FurBaby™ Dog Flirt Pole
FurBaby™ Dog Flirt Pole
FurBaby™ Dog Flirt Pole
FurBaby™ Dog Flirt Pole
FurBaby™ Dog Flirt Pole
FurBaby™ Dog Flirt Pole
FurBaby™ Dog Flirt Pole

FurBaby™ Dog Flirt Pole

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Do you want to keep your dog in shape? Or does your dog have self-control issues? Try our FurBaby™ Flirt PoleI know, it sounds like something out of 50 Shades of Gray, but I promise it’s not. 

The lack of exercise is a leading cause of hyperactive and destructive behavior in dogs. They're at risk of developing diseases such as arthritis and obesity. He may also develop very strange habits such as digging, chewing, excessive play biting and jumping. 

Our FurBaby™ Dog Flirt Pole is a useful and fun trick training tool that provides physical and mental exercise for small and large dogs. It does not only help your dogs work on their basic manners and impulse control, but it also gives them a rockin’ workout in just a few minutes.

This is a great way to physically and mentally challenge your dog, without leaving home. You just drag the toy on the ground in a circle, they chase and tug, with rules.

It's a great toy to bond with your buddy! It features a durable detachable cotton rope head for safe biting and chewing. It's a dog toy where you don't have to touch your dog's dripping saliva. 


  • The perfect toy to keep your pup active and prevent destructive behaviors caused by inactivity and boredom.
  • It also doubles as a toy for dogs with high energy, high arousal levels, or insatiable prey drives, who need more than one walk a day to chill them out! 
  • If you have obesity and health concerns, ensure your pup gets his exercise with this fun and interactive toy.
  • This lightweight toy weighs less than one pound and has a soft, non-slip grip and wrist strap for easy handling.
  • Easily change lures without the use of fasteners that can injure your dog's mouth.
  •  It features a durable detachable cotton rope head for safe biting and chewing. 


Your dog should have a solid sit or down cue (either verbal or hand signal.) and should have worked on a dropped cue with a ball or tug rope. 
  • Hold the pole up out of reach from your dog and cue sit or down (start with a sit if your dog is really excited!)
  • Wait for your dog to look at you while ignoring the toy for at least a second or two. Release them, by saying “okay!” or “get it!” and drop the end of the toy on the ground, encouraging them to engage and chase after it.
  • To start with, only let them chase for about five seconds or so and then reward them by allowing them to catch the toy.
  • Let them start to tug on the toy for a moment and then cue a drop. If you need to use a food reward to trade them for the toy for the first few repetitions, do so. After your dog is used to dropping the new toy you will switch to rewarding with the game.
  • Cue them down and wait until they are relaxed. (No barking, whining, jumping up, etc.) Then start again!
  • Change direction every once in a while so your dog isn’t always running one way.
  • If the dog grabs the toy before you say “okay” or “get it” or is mouthy or jumping on you: take a time out and/or start over.


  • Your dog has bad joints or injuries that could be aggravated by quick changes of direction and jumping.
  • Your dog doesn’t know the following cues: sit or down wait (or leave it) and drop. Practice these cues with treats first, then a tug toy, then move on to the flirt pole.
  • You do not know the dog well. It’s not safe to get an unfamiliar dog all revved up. Establish a working bond with a new dog first – make sure you’re communicating with each other effectively and then start off slow.
  • This overstimulates your dog to the point that they can’t calm down after. You know your dog – if this isn’t a good fit, just pass.
  • Your dog thinks it’s dumb. Some dogs just don’t dig it.
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy + Sponge + Elastic Rubber + Cotton
  • Size:
      • Pole Length: 26-68.5cm / 10.24-26.97"
      • Elastic Cord: 80cm / 31.49"
      •  Cotton rope: 40 x 8cm / 15.75 x 3.15 "(Length x Perimeter)
    • 1 x FurBaby™ Dog Flirt Pole.



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