Dog Chew Rope
Dog Chew Rope
Dog Chew Rope
Dog Chew Rope
Dog Chew Rope

Dog Chew Rope

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Let your dog tug or chew these ropes all day long and feel happier and healthier!

Chewing is in our dog's nature. It is physically and mentally healthy for them. If you don't want them to come with their own chew toy like your new pair of shoes, Dog Chew Rope is the way to go. It's tough, fun, and 100% safe for your dogs

It is built to last so you get to have a great time playing fetch, tug of war with your dog, or you can just give it to them and let them gnaw at this tirelessly. This exercises their physical health and relieves boredom that results in destructive behavior.

Aside from saving your new pair of shoes, your furniture from bite marks, it helps to maintain your dog's chewing muscles strong, their teeth clean, and their brain engaged.

  • Safe and Tough Dog Toys- This rope dog toy is made from nature washable cotton, safe for your pet chewing and playing. dog toys will entertain your dog for hours.
  • NEVER GET BORED- Colorful chew toy will help your pet to forget boredom.
  • Chew toys for dogs that Perfect for Toss and Fetch Games and Teething Dental Health. As a toy for puppy teeth cleaning and Massages Gums. Help to Redirect Bad Biting Behavior and release pressure.
  • Prevent your furniture damaged- Sometimes they like to chew your sofa or other furniture. These chew toys are strong weaving for dogs playing and chewing. Reduce their nervousness. Protect your furniture from biting or grabbing by pets.

  • Material: Rope
  • Size: 27cm
  • Weight: 55g


    • 1 x Dog Chew Rope


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